Jawaharlal Nehru University Library, Delhi

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Jawaharlal Nehru University Library, (JNUL) Delhi is located over an area of one lakh sq. ft. in the center of the Jawaharlal Nehuru University, Delh was established in 1969. The library has a gigantic collection of 5 lac books, journals, research papers on Science, Humanities and Social Science mainly. The library subscribes 800 journals and has a storehouse of data in the computer. The library boasts of an enviable collection with papers of academic interest on a specific subject published by the Government.

The library also has the papers of organizations of international repute like UNESCO, WHO, etc.The library of Indian Institute of International Studies is housed within the campus of the JNUL. The library of JNU truly is one of the outstanding libraries with the modern infrastructures and a huge collection of rare books, journals, research papers which are of immense use for the research scholars, teachers, students, etc. JNUL is truly the reigning king in India by catering to the infinite demands of the students by its huge repository of books, periodicals, journals, research papers, etc.

Rules and Regulation of JNUL
The library is open from 9 AM till midnight and observes only 4 holidays annually. The students, teachers and all the employees of JNU are entitled to be the member of the library. The library provides the members with bar-coded library cards to ensure the authenticity of the members. The Delnet facility also offers other libraries to receive the books and periodicals from JNUL. The on-line public access Catalogue also allows the member can look for a particular book through e-mail by infibnet. The JNU library also has a special unit called Hellen Keller Unit which caters o the needs of the members who are visually challengedThe library is equipped with the latest infrastructure of computer-connected terminals with 700 nodes and Inflibnet facilities

The library consists of 3 major sub branches as mentioned below: Center for studies in History
JNU library for economics
Contemporary History unit consisting of rare documents about the vital political movements in India.

Administrative Profile of JNUL:
Dr. Krishan Gopal
Acting Librarian

Telephone: 011+26717605, 26704551
Email: librarian@mail.jnu.ac.in,

Address of JNUL:
New Mehrauli Road,
New Delhi 110067.

Phone: +91 011-26717676
Fax: 26717601