Nehru Memorial and Museum Library (NMML), Delhi

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The Nehru Memorial and Museum Library, Delhi is a unique repository of personal memorabilia of the first prime minister of India late Shri Jawaharlal Nehru. It was founded by the initiative of the government of India under the Ministry of Culture as a gesture to pay tribute to the country’s first Prime Minister in the year 1964 post Nehru’s death. Apart from the various personal documents and treasures of the Nehru family the Library is also a brilliant trove of books, periodicals, photographs and various other relevant materials pertaining to the life of Jawaharlal Nehru tracing the different phases of the Indian national Movement. Apart from these historically significant documents, the library also has published and unpublished materials relating to the many progressive policies and thinking of Nehru who was a great visionary.

Housed in the Teen Murti Bhavan, which used to be the Prime Minister’s residence post independence it is a premier Research library, which has a stock of many rare documents and printed materials. The library has been bestowed with the personal collection of Pandit Nehru who himself was an erudite man and avid reader.

  • Variety of collection at Nehru Memorial and Museum Library, Delhi :

    The library is a rich treasure house of many rare printed materials,books, periodicals,newspapers belonging to pre and post independence India. It also has unpublished records of institutions and private papers of renowned Indians which are an impeccable material for research scholars in modern history, economics ,administration or even planning. The library houses materials pertaining to the various policies, treaties including five year plans that were undertaken under the aegis of Pt.Nehru. Apart from these books the library also boasts of a rare collection of newspaper clippings and photographs from the Independence movement. The library also has a good collection of books all from the personal inventory of the late Prime Minister. These include books in history, philosophy, religion and some important books penned by the great visionary himself. Since Nehru was an avid reader he had books of different foreign languages also. Apart from English books there are books in Urdu, Hindi and other Indian languages.

  • Conservation of books in Nehru Memorial and Museum Library, Delhi : Conservation is one of the most important activities of the library and one of its trademark. Through the various conservation activities the Nehru Memorial and Museum Library, Delhi endeavors to hand over rare books to the future generation. The different modes of conservation being: Physical Conservation, Chemical Conservation, Reprographic Preservation and Digitization. These books are extremely significant, as they not only give us an insight into Nehru’s thinking but also very instrumental for future planning of India.
  • Membership at Nehru Memorial and Museum Library, Delhi :The library offers both Individual and Industrial membership. For individuals there is both reading and lending facilities. Individuals need to subscribe annually in order to enjoy borrowing for which a certain amount of security deposit is charged extra that is of course refundable. The membership rule is however different for Industrial members who could be government sponsored or even working and retired bureaucrats.
  • Reading Room Facility at Nehru Memorial and Museum Library, Delhi : Set in a picturesque landscape the library has excellent reading facilities. Every year since its inception there has been hundreds of research scholars who have utilized the library’s rare stock of books. There is no charge involved for reading at the historic library. The library remains open from 9.30 a.m -5 p.m on all working days. However it is closed on both Mondays and Sundays apart from the enlisted national holidays and festivals.
  • Other facilities at Nehru Memorial and Museum Library, Delhi :

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