Universities in Meghalya

Education System in Meghalaya

Meghalaya is a small north-eastern state in India with Shillong as its capital city. The state is bordered by Assam to the north and Bangladesh to the south. Meghalaya is gradually developing into one of the most technically advanced states with the government taking steps to improve the education system. According to the data collected in 2001 census, the literacy rate of the state is approximately 63.31 %. The universities in Meghalaya offer higher education in a wide range of subjects. Students can opt for post graduate as well as various doctoral degrees from the central university in Meghalaya, which is located in Shillong.

Courses offered at Universities in Meghalaya

The universities of Meghalaya have introduced a number of courses for the students in the north eastern region. Students can opt for general courses, professional courses as well as research courses at these universities. Some of the Masters Degree programs include M.Sc. – Botany, M.Sc. – Bio chemistry, M.Sc. – Anthropology, M. A. – Economics, M.Sc. – Education, M. A. – Adult & Cont. Education, M. A. – Geography and M. A. – Political Science among others. The universities in Meghalaya also offer doctoral degrees in all the aforementioned subjects.

About Universities in Meghalaya

The North Eastern Hill University is the main and the only central university in Meghalaya located in Shillong. This university has been involved in propagating and advancing knowledge by offering research and instructional facilities in various branches of learning. Currently there are there are fifty-three colleges affiliated to the North Eastern Hill University in Meghalaya. Martin Luther Christian University is a private university established in 2005. This is one of the universities in Meghalaya that aims to meet the challenges of the present day workplace. Students can apply for a number of professional courses at this university.

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North-Eastern Hill University
Nehu Campus P O, Shillong, East Garo
Hills – 793022
***** Phone: 0364-760076, 250075
Fax: 0364-250076/760076
E-mail: B_Pakem@nehus.ren.nic.in
Web: www.nehu.ac.i