Women Polytechnics in Rajasthan

Tapping the potential and grooming the dormant talents of women to enhance the employability of female workforce is one of the key aims of the women polytechnics established across India. Even in Rajasthan you will come across several Women Polytechnics offering vocational courses in a variety of subjects ranging from art to textile design. The courses are such chosen by the institutes that women are drawn to the academic programs offered and acquire requisite skills in the subject of their interest. Whether a woman is interested in cosmetology, art and crafts or designs, she can use her knack in a suitable course and imbibe professional knowledge for getting a job of her interest. Technical education when offered with such foresight and deliberation helps in addressing the unemployment issue of a region and promotes the socio-economic development of the state.

Features of Women Polytechnics in Rajasthan

Various vocational courses are offered by the Women Polytechnics in Rajasthan. You can study diploma courses in Commercial Art, Interior Decoration, Textile Design, Beauty Culture or even Costume Designing & Dress making in these institutes. Female students can enroll in Govt. Residential Women’s Polytechnic in Jodhpur if they want to study in a residential setting. Even short-term Vocational Skill Developmental Training Programs are offered to the students in Flower Making and Home Decoration, Photocopy and Lamination, Candle & Chalk Making, Motor Winding & House Wiring, Computer Financial Accounting, Stitching Cutting and Tailoring, Hard Toys Making, Radio and Tape Repairing and several other employment-oriented areas of study in this state. You can collect information on the number of seats, the admission procedure and the mode of selection from the respective Women Polytechnics in Rajasthan.

Below mentioned is a list of women polytechnics in Rajasthan -

Name & Address Phone/Email Courses & Seats
Govt. Mahila Polytechnic College 3-Alkkapuri, Udaipur -313000   Full-Time Diploma Courses: Beauty Culture (20), Interior Decoration (20), Textile Designing (20)
Govt. Mahila Polytechnic College Gandhi Nagar, Jaipur- 302015 Ph: 510188 Diploma Courses : Textile Designing (20), Costume Design & Dress Making (20), Commercial Arts (20), Beauty Culture (20), Modern Office Mgt.(20)
Govt. Mahila Polytechnic College Ajmer 305002 Ph: 0145-441859 Diploma Courses : Electronics Engg. (20), Beauty Culture (20), Costume Design & Dress Making (20)
Govt. Mahila Polytechnic College Bikaner 334003 Ph: 28255/28355 Diploma Courses : Electronics Engg. (20), Textile Designing (20), Costume Design & Dress Making (20)
Govt. Women Polytechnic Jodhpur-342001 Ph: 34187/37911 Diploma Courses : Interior Decoration (20), Commercial Art (20), Textile Design (20), Costume Design & Dress Making
Govt. Mahila Polytechnic College Jodhpur, Residency Road Jodhpur – 342001   Diploma Courses : Commercial Art (20), Costume Design & Dress Making (30), Interior Decoration (20), Textile Design (20)
Govt. Mahila Polytechnic College Near Udaipur Cotton Mills, Pratap Nagar, Udaipur -313001 Ph: 491575 Diploma Courses : Interior Decoration (20), Beauty Culture (20), Textile Design (20)
Govt. Mahila Polytechnic College Kota   Diploma Courses : Textile Designing (20), Commercial Arts (20), Interior Decoration (20)