Army Schools in India

Army schools in India are ranked as the highest quality education provider for children of the Indian Armed Forces personnel. Children are given the opportunity in here to learn from highly experienced teachers offering them a choice of an outstanding career ahead.

Army schools in India provide children an excellent education, shaping them as future leaders for the modern society. Their education will help India flourish and build it as a rich economical country. Army public schools started in 1983 and over the years they have grown to over 130 schools.

The Army Welfare Educational Society is in charge of all the public-army schools in India and takes excellent care of them. Army-public schools are spread throughout the country with the New Delhi army school being one of the best.

The New Delhi army school is known for its corrective order. It encourages the children to show off their talent through different projects. Hobby periods are allotted for drawing, skating, painting, gardening, and cooking classes to help students in finding their passion and to offer them some fun time.

 The best qualified teachers are employed at the New Delhi army school and are well trained in their field of expertise. Indian army schools offer sports, cross-training contests and marathons. One of the best army school is in Pune. It offers computer studies with fully equipped computer labs and science education. 

Children look forward to the summer camp program offered. There are lots of activities, festivals and more fun stuff planned for them. The school has removed junk food from the children’s lunch menu and replaced it with nutritious meals. Army schools in India prioritize attendance through awards to the Indian armed forces personnel.

Children whose parents do not serve in the Indian Armed Forces can also try for admission in these special schools. All army schools in India are known for their superior education board, extracurricular activities and discipline procedure. They work with each child and carefully select their learning skills to the studies that match them.

These schools help children to grow into fine young men and women taking on a career they choose and love while helping their country. Indian army schools have become the highest educational facilities in the country. Their facilities continue to grow as more children enroll.