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Parameters considered for Ranking Top Education Institutes in India
The leading media publishers take certain facts into consideration before announcing the names of the top educational institutes in the country every year. The position secured by an institute in each parameter plays an important role in taking that institute to the top or the bottom of the rank list. These parameters of judgment are:

  • Reputation of the Institute – the history of the institute in question, its faculty, and the syllabus followed, the number of students enrolled each year and the marks secured by students in board level and national level examinations all play a decisive role in determining the reputation of the institute at the national and international level.
  • Academic Input – the effort put in by teachers / professors in order to ensure the all round development of the students is considered while ranking an institute in terms of academic input. Sometimes even the best teachers do not give their best efforts in the class, rather they rely on private tuitions to instill learning in students. The rank of the institute may lower in this case.
  • Student Care – there are residential schools, colleges and universities spread all across India. In these institutes, care for students becomes an added parameter to secure a rank at the top of the list of the best education institutes in the country.
  • Infrastructure / Administration – the non teaching staff is as important for the proper functioning of a school or college as is the teaching staff. If the administration or infrastructure of an educational institute is not well organized, every section of the institute tends to be in a state of disarray. The result is that the quality of education is hampered.
  • Placement Opportunities – with professional colleges being established in the country with each passing day, the opportunities of placement are taken into consideration by a student and his / her family before enrolling in the institute. If the placement record of an educational institute is impressive, the student enrollment will also increase and hence the institute will earn a name for itself in the list of the top educational institutes in the country.

Education is an industry. An educational institute is the most important component of the education industry. It is a place where formal learning is given to students who enroll in these institutes every year. Educational institutes take the help of teachers, textbooks and an assigned curriculum to impart learning to the students.

Every year, a survey is conducted by leading media houses and research institutes in India to select the top education institutes in various fields of study. This list is then published online and in leading newspapers and magazines of the country, in order to aid students choose the best school, college and university to study at.