Top Management Colleges in Uttar Pradesh

Name of the College Survey name & Year All India Ranking Link
Indian Institute of Management, IIM, Lucknow Business India, 2006 5
Department of Business Administration,Lucknow University, Lucknow CSR GHRD ranking, 2006 75
Babu Banarasi Das National Institute of Technology & Management, Lucknow CSR GHRD ranking, 2006 82>/td>
Dr. Gaur Hari Singhania Institute of Management & Research, Kanpur. CSR GHRD ranking, 2006 95
Master School of Management, Meerut CSR GHRD ranking, 2006 43
IIMT Management College, Meerut CSR GHRD ranking, 2006 68
Academy of Management Studies, Kanpur Business India, 2006 B++ about_damsindia_kanpur.html
College of Management Studies, Kanpur Business India, 2006 B
Institute of Co-operative and Corporate Management Research and Training, Lucknow. Business India, 2005 A Level 3
Institute of Management Sciences, Lucknow Business India, 2006 B+
International Institute for Special Education, Lucknow Business India, 2006 A+
Invertis Institute of Management Studies, Bareilly Business India, 2006 A +
Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow. Business India, 2005 A Level 1

Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state in India and there are quite a good number of management institutes in U.P. But students often find it difficult to choose the right MBA College for his or her career because there is no definitive survey that lists only the top management colleges in U.P. Most of the popular surveys like the India Today AG Neilson survey, Outlook C fore survey, Business week B School Survey, CSR GHRDC Survey are done on an all India level.

On this page, we have churned out a list of the top B schools in U.P. by scanning various B school surveys of India over the last 3 years. The list includes the name and addresses of the top MBA Institutes in U.P., the survey name and address, their all India ranking according to that particular survey and the website address of the institutes.

As the list is made on the basis of various surveys, quite a good number of MBA institutes in U.P. has found place in the list. However it does not include the best management colleges in Ghaziabad and Noida.

Though we have tried to get the most accurate information on the best business

schools & colleges in U.P., we will not be shouldering any responsibility if someone tends to disagree with the list of top MBA Colleges in Uttar Pradesh that has been put up here.