Aligarh Muslim University

Aligarh Muslim University was established in the year 1875 by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. Previously the institute was known as Madrasatul Uloom Musalmanan-e-Hind. This University offers Arts, science and commerce programs in both graduation and post graduation levels. In addition, the university also affiliates Medicine, Law, engineering and Management courses.

Application Process:

Online form is available from the official site Later an entrance test is conducted by AMU. The final selection of candidates depends on the entrance scores.

For more information contact:

The Office of Controller of Examinations

Administrative Block, AMU

Aligarh: 202002-(UP)



Courses Offered at AMU:

  • Senior secondary school certificate
  • Bachelor’s degree courses
  • Diploma/Advance diploma courses
  • Master’s degree courses
  • M. Phil. /Ph. D.
  • Post M. A./M. Sc. Diploma courses
  • P. G. Diploma courses
  • Certificate Courses

 Latest Academic Year Admissions Data

Course Name Form Fill up


Last Day of submission Date of Examination Schedule Time Duration Test Location
B.A (Hons) Offline Rs 200.00 4th April 13 9th June 13 4.00 PM 2 hours Aligarh,

Kozikode, Bhopal, Lucknow, Kolkata,

Guwahati Srinagar,


B.Com (Hons) Offline Rs 200.00 4th April 13 9th June 13 10.00 A.M 2 Hours Aligarh,

Guwahati Bhopal, Kolkata,

Kozikode, Lucknow, Srinagar


B. Arch Online Rs. 600.00 11thMarch 13 28th April 13 10.00 AM

3.00 PM

Paper I-3 hrs

Paper II-3 hrs

B.A LLB Online Rs 500.00 30th March 13 2nd June 13 4.00PM 2 hours Aligarh, Kozikode Kolkata


M.B.A./ M.B.A.(I.B.)/ P.G. Diploma in

Islamic Banking and Finance

Online Rs 500.00 30th March 13 2nd June 10.00 AM 3 hours Aligarh, Kozikode Kolkata


B.Ed Online Rs 300.00 21st March 13 23rd May 13 10.00 AM 2 hours Aligarh

Any Special Financial Aid Provision:

Various Scholarship and other funding facilities offered at AMU.

Cost of Study:

Visit the official site for course details.

Campus Info & Services:

The campus offers excellent learning experiences. Following the tradition of Talim and Tarbiyat by Sir Syed Ahmed, the hostel life is followed. There are libraries, sports clubs, cultural and literary societies that help to bloom the creativity of students at AMU.