Colleges in West Bengal

The foundation for the system of instruction that exists in West Bengal today was laid by the British colonial regime. Kolkata especially has been an important center. Missionaries, Indian social reformists and educations have played key roles in shaping the system of education in the state.

Students have to choose a specialized stream, Humanities, Commerce or Science at the +2 level. On completion of which, they can enroll for university education or professional courses.

Kolkata has several good B-schools, some of which are globally renowned. Most colleges in Kolkata are affiliated to the Calcutta University. The institution is significant in the sense that it was the first of its kind that was established in South Asia in the year 1857.


Top MBA Colleges in Kolkata

Students interested in pursuing MBA education from Kolkata can make applications to several good institutions, some of which are duly recognized, run and promoted by the government.


Top Hotel Management Colleges in Kolkata

There are several good hotel management colleges in the city. The number of students who enrol for these courses each year is on the rise.